Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Are we being a good example as believers?

When we read the bible, we see that the word of God says to us to reach out to the world and tell the people around about the goodness of our Father. The love he showed us by sacrificing his only son so that our sins may wash away. Yesterday when I was talking to one of my colleague along with my husband,we realized that as Christians we at times set a really bad impression about ourselves. Pastors at times criticize the non-believers so much about the faith they follow and all the rituals they do. But do these men of God realize that they themselves don't come out as a good leader or a friend. God never asked us to judge people. He looks at our hearts and if our hearts are good, we have already placed ourselves in our heavenly Father's heart. We have no right to tell others that just because they don't follow the faith we follow they will end up in hell. Have we ever realized that at times the reason of people not being a christian or believer because we have never shown them the love or concern that should be present for the other children of God. The bible has men who had given up all their comforts and took the cross to follow the Christ, But how many do we see around us, who actually has done a lot of hard work to achieve the love he deserves. God didn't ask to judge who is big or small but to love each other as he loved us. He loves us irrespective of what we are, where we come from or what our past is. He is a loving father, he wants us to tell people around that money, wealth and all the goodness in the world is temporary. Its our character and willingness to do good for others matters.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Being Ignorant to the promises is not an excuse

And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper
We people have become so robotic in nature,with a fixed timetable ever since the day we were born.Have you ever considered coming out of the whole monotonous situation and let things go as the way they should instead of all the damn planning? No, we cant we have become so habituated with our current lives that something going out of the way will disturb the so called cycle. When we have so much expectations from ourselves, from our families, from our kids,friends,work etc, why do we keep on forgetting that God also has certain expectations from us. While growing up we might have heard lot of prophecies about ourselves, or the different promises we made to God, have we ever fulfilled any of those? Or made the tiniest efforts to fulfill them. Moment something bad goes in our lives we tend to run to God to complain or to curse him because of the situation. But have  we ever thought how much we are hurting him by our deeds, our words. Nope did we ever think that God has emotions? The word itself says that he made us in his image, so we are the spitting reflection of God. We might have time to work, eat, sleep, drink, party,check social media,hangout with friends but we have no time to sit in God's presence and have a talk with him. The irony is that we all want to reach heaven. But to reach heaven what measures are we exactly taking to go there. When was the last time you spoke to a non-believer about why is your God the most amazing God of all? No why should we do that when we have so much time to gossip about our office or neighbours. Instead of taking a fashion magazine, did we make efforts to sit and read the bible and read about the promises he made to his children. What example are we setting ? Have we become so arrogant about our faith that we are now feeling ashamed to share it with someone ? Only on sundays you want to flaunt about how God has done wonderful things in your life through a fake testimony ? whom are you fooling ? Yourself and none else. Sit for a minute and think that where is all this going? Its time take a stand for your faith, your believe. Friends families all will come and go, but he will never leave you nor forsake you

God bless !!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

I am influenced by the people I hear see and observe

I have always been a keen observer of the things I see or hear. I used to wonder that why people are presenting themselves in a certain way. Sometimes I would get so amused by the talks I used to hear in the bus or by the actions I see around me. I used to wonder do everybody observe like I do. I am an only child and I used to think that would my life would be different if I had siblings. As years have passed by, I realized that it doesn't really matter whether you have siblings or you are the only one. Your sense of perception is your choice. We hear so many things around us,but do we keep everything in mind ,no but there are always those certain things in it which has striking feature which lets us remember it in a certain way. If I am new to any place I observe the shops or the main landmarks so that I do not get lost. If I want to remember someone I used to remember their striking feature in them. Sometimes it would be their physical features or their way of talking or maybe their dressing style. Everybody around us has a distinct personality and somewhere or the other it affects people around them. I used to wonder that do people remember me ? I usually get compared by the relatives they have or by my accent, some say that my way of speaking has a ''foreign touch to it'' I say its the convent schooling cliche or watching way too much English movies. But I guess that is also a factor for people to remember me. But penning down those emotions is a big thing. At times its easy to remember the things we see or hear but hard to pen it down. Over the years my life has been influenced drastically by the people I have seen. Some of them had such wonderful qualities, I can only wish if I had one of their qualities. The enthusiasm about the way they see life and its problems only made me emotionally stronger and someday I wish to influence too

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Do I keep God happy? Or his expectations are simply way more than we can handle ?

Today when my husband was preaching during the Sunday worship,his words simply touched me today, one of the things which he said really touched my heart. He was saying that when God starts giving us things,we love that and start expecting more and more from him, he fulfills all the promises he made to us,but are we keeping God happy ? It touched my heart because I honestly rant every single thing in my life to God, but sometimes we tend to forget that certain things happened in our lives could have been worse,but it just happened in a certain way and we moved on from it. The word of the Lord gives us various examples of the wonderful things he has done in his children's lives. And their faith in him kept on increasing, But in today's world we are so busy updating our minute by minute details on social media that we sometime forget our time with God. When was the last time you sat in his presence and heard him speak to you? When was the last time a bible verse touched your heart and made you sit and think about it? When was the last time you said a testimony in church or to a non-believer about the wonderful things he has done in your lives? We have become so mechanical in our lifestyle that the number of likes we get or the comments or the followers have become our ultimate goal in our lives. Its good to switch off your phones for few hours and sit in his presence. Its good to deactivate your accounts for some days and read his verse. All these are not gonna bring miracles or answers to your problem, but creator will. Instead of making ourselves happy, its high time we thought about making our Heavenly father happy

God bless
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Friday, May 20, 2016

What to do when someone you know is way too spiritual to handle?

There has been times when I have heard my mom tell me that there was this new kid or a new person or a new preacher in the church or the meeting and their words has touched or the spirit was speaking to me.I used to wonder that how come every time she gets inspired by what they say,and I get to hear is why cant you be like them. At times in spite of coming from a christian families our parents tend to be very judgmental about our spiritual outlook and call us aloof when we are not rock hard spiritual about ourselves. I thought my connection with my Heavenly father is totally personal. I may not show enthusiasm or the motivation to pray, its not done deliberately. sometimes our minds are way too occupied for us to ponder in the presence of the Lord,that it reflects on our outward appearance.When a person has newly discovered something about him/herself it takes time for that person to get adjusted to the change, in the same way once we have made a connection with the father, its going to take time to maintain that relationship.I get very intimidated when I hear some powerful preachings or testimonies and wonder when my life would be so influential to others? The problems most of the christian youths face is the comparison and judgement from the elders in their family or the church,when God doesn't judge us then why should his children judge one another. This is specially seen when there has been a prophecy made and it gets stuck with the person. We don't understand that at times it overpowers the emotions the person is having, and it turns out to be a bigger negative impact. Not everyone grows spiritually at a rapid phase. It takes time to get adjusted to the new formof life. We get so busy in impressing the elders in the church with the newly acquired talents that we forget to focus in our inner self to know wether we are happy about the change or just keeping others happy with the fake show. God wants you to accept him the way you want it to be, and have faith in him even if your life goes through trials and temptation, gaining things the hard way is what he wants us  to learn

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Your problems should not pull you down!!!

Yesterday I was really stressed about lot of things and it was going through my head in various other directions.I realized every time I have a problem instead of sharing it with others I keep it inside me and let the problem start taking over my life physically and emotionally.Is it worth all the hype? No, instead I am just letting it go in the way it shouldn't .In spite of having the smallest happinesses in life I am not really happy. Why does it take so long for me to realize that I have a best friend in Jesus to let me sort out the problems I have. There are so many people around me who have bigger problems than mine yet their faith in God never goes down. But when it comes to me I am not able to maintain it. What kind of example I am setting for the upcoming generation of youth. I know God has called me to do his work but what am I gonna say to the world when I myself don't know how to sort out my own issues?
The word of the lord says this to me every time I look into the bible that your problems are not only for you to come closer to God, but to understand that no good things happen to us without problems,because we tend to take God for granted and realize it later. He never brings all this in our lives to make things difficult for us,he brings them so that we are more closer to him and lean on him instead of going with out intutions.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 

in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why am I not very committed to God?

Before marriage every christian girl or guy is committed to our heavenly father. But why isn't it continued in the long run? when we get married we decide to be with each other in sickness and health and what not. But when we decided to accept the Christ as  our personal Saviour why don't we keep up to our promises? Is it because we know that God loves us unconditionally so we decide to take him for granted? I plan everyday to read my bible and pray,but somewhere in the midst of all the stress and work I forget to keep up with my promise. And during any severe crisi in life i run around crying and asking for prayer? Why don't i think that my actions are actually making my father sad. We may be able to hide our feelings and frustrations from the people we know,but actually we are just fooling ourselves because our father knows our heart. Sometimes we just need that word of encouragement from people around us to keep us happy,but know people love to make you feel small and unwanted because we live in the era of competition,so all this is bound to happen. But on the brighter side we realise our mistake and try to rectify it.God has bought us into this world to fulfill the work he has given to us. No matter which all ways we try to go away,he will always bring us back to him.Take a minute and ponder on the good things that has happened to you till date and thank him for all that. And after that ponder on the bad thingsthat has happened with you and be more thankful for that because you went through all that you know the hardships of life and will be able to empathise with someone and be a assurance and a blessing in their lives

God bless!!