Thursday, May 26, 2016

Being Ignorant to the promises is not an excuse

And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper
We people have become so robotic in nature,with a fixed timetable ever since the day we were born.Have you ever considered coming out of the whole monotonous situation and let things go as the way they should instead of all the damn planning? No, we cant we have become so habituated with our current lives that something going out of the way will disturb the so called cycle. When we have so much expectations from ourselves, from our families, from our kids,friends,work etc, why do we keep on forgetting that God also has certain expectations from us. While growing up we might have heard lot of prophecies about ourselves, or the different promises we made to God, have we ever fulfilled any of those? Or made the tiniest efforts to fulfill them. Moment something bad goes in our lives we tend to run to God to complain or to curse him because of the situation. But have  we ever thought how much we are hurting him by our deeds, our words. Nope did we ever think that God has emotions? The word itself says that he made us in his image, so we are the spitting reflection of God. We might have time to work, eat, sleep, drink, party,check social media,hangout with friends but we have no time to sit in God's presence and have a talk with him. The irony is that we all want to reach heaven. But to reach heaven what measures are we exactly taking to go there. When was the last time you spoke to a non-believer about why is your God the most amazing God of all? No why should we do that when we have so much time to gossip about our office or neighbours. Instead of taking a fashion magazine, did we make efforts to sit and read the bible and read about the promises he made to his children. What example are we setting ? Have we become so arrogant about our faith that we are now feeling ashamed to share it with someone ? Only on sundays you want to flaunt about how God has done wonderful things in your life through a fake testimony ? whom are you fooling ? Yourself and none else. Sit for a minute and think that where is all this going? Its time take a stand for your faith, your believe. Friends families all will come and go, but he will never leave you nor forsake you

God bless !!!
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