Saturday, July 2, 2016

I want the word to be my inspiration not the people I see around me

Last Sunday when I was at church and I was hearing the preaching about how God wants to talk to us. It made me wonder that have I ever wondered that God likes to have conversations with us. When we read the book of Genesis we can see that when God created man and woman,he used to come down to the Garden of Eden to walk with them or talk to them. We don't see this happening now because the darkness of the world has covered us up so much that we Christians are so busy in our lives that we do not have time to respond to him. If you read my other blogs you can see that how frustrated I am actually that I am not able to make the connection with my father because of my lifestyle. I don't remember the day when I followed the fasting properly. I want my connection back with God. I want him to be there for me no matter how far I am. Sometimes I believe I am too lazy in my life so I don't like to make efforts for the lost time. God has pulled me out of the miry clay and molded me in a way he wanted me to be. But my earthly lifestyle has taken over the structure so much that,I rather do Whatsapp or Facebook than pray. Is that the kind of impression I wanna give people when I say the gospel to them. I don't like judging people in general but if I am not a good Christian then what kind of person I am. What am I even doing in my life. I should stop looking up to others but look up to God who knew me before I was in my mother's womb. He knew what I would be in the future. He has greater things planned for me rather than me planning it all by myself. God'd love is greater and mightier than anything. Make time to sit and meditate what God has to tell you rather than you focusing on what others have to say to you or think about you