Thursday, June 9, 2016

Are you motivating your fellow Christians?

Last Sunday when I was at church and my husband was preaching, through the passage I was wondering that all these years of being a Christian or '' born again'' how useful have I been to my fellow Christians or the ones who came to Christ newly ? How strong is my faith to my God that I can set a good example to others? My church consists of people who come from the remote areas of Bihar. They are mostly from the Hindu background,these people travel all the way from 35 kms in Bihar and come to attend the Sunday service. This made me feel completely ashamed of myself. How can I be so arrogant and ignorant about my own faith. I was wondering that do I have such dedication towards God. At times I am so tired that I chuck reading bible and praying and go to sleep. Life has become so stressful that we cannot think beyond certain point. When Jesus was doing ministry, he took fasting for 40 days, he was tired and hungry and that is the time when Satan tested him showing all the riches of the world. So we being humans don't you think that Satan doesn't test us ? He does, why do you think that we feel exhausted and tired ? That is what he does, all he wants is us to be away from the presence of God. We have to be strong in our faith and our commitment to God. God wants us to be focused in our mission. The book of Revelations states about the future of our faith in the coming days. We need to be motivated and motivate each other because God loves us the way we love each other. Keep you prayers and worship strong enough that no hardships enter our minds. The people who came to my church are from low socio economic status and most of them do not even know how to read the bible as they are not educated. These are the people who needs to be motivated more and more. They have to be encouraged to be strong in their faith and encourage others around them

 May God help us to reach out to more and bless each one of you who ever is looking through theses blogs . May the blogs be a blessing in your lives.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Have you thanked your Heavenly Father today?

What is the first thing we do when we get up from our sleep ?? I am sure its either stretching or checking messages on whatsapp or any of the social media. But do we thank God that he has able us to see another wonderful day ? When we see around we see so many people are losing their lives to so many circumstances…when i say losing lives i not only mean death but also being lost in the darkness of this secular world. When we are being so careful with so many secular things in our lives then why are we being careless about our spiritual lives? Why do we believers wait for a prophesy to be enthusiastic in our spiritual lives? Why can’t we be more open about our spirituality and be an encouraging example to the people around us. Why are we the special children of God? Why our lives are so special? What seperates us from our friends and collegues? It is the fact that we are the favourites of our Father. The word says that Once we have accepted christ as our personal saviour we are a new creation. Isn’t that something we should be grateful about.


As i was going through the news about the financial crisis Greece is facing, was wondering that a country which hardly was in the now suddenly all over, and along with BRICS coming up as the new world order,my mind wanders and goes to think that whether the end of the world is coming near? in the bible when the disciples had asked Jesus that how would we know the last days of the catastrophe, Jesus replied saying all the signs and now when we see around and start comparing, we definitely see them ? Today what have we done to move forward with the ministry which every child of God has? Do we need a confirmation from the holy spirit to tell us that it is the right time to step out and spread the word of the Lord? We don’t need that because Christ has already told us to go all over the world to spread his good news to each and everyone. Jesus came to this world not to die for the holy people but for sinners and how are we repaying this gesture??? We are not, we are waiting to get that confidence to tell others that John 3:16 is the ultimate truth. Why are we scared of the world so much?? We are not scared to do what the world tells us but we are scare to do what we are actually suppose to do. Its high time to get up and stand for the word of the Lord which is the ultimate truth and the motive of our lives
Psalm 34:17 When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.

Have we turned ritualistic Christians?

1st Peter 2:9 says ''But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 
 As the children of God, we have committed ourselves completely to do the work what Christ told us to do till he comes back again to take all of us to the paradise. How much are we following it ? The world we know is the kingdom of the darkness and in this world to survive and to withstand all the persecutions we need to keep ourselves closely associated with our heavenly Father. The word of the Lord says that taste and see how good is our Lord. How much are we actually spending our time with God. When we see through the Bible we see great examples about the time spent with God. Initially when God created Adam and Eve he used to come down every day and walk with them in the garden of Eden and talk to them. When man committed the first sin it created a huge barrier between man and God. But as John 3:16 states, he gave his only son who died for us and became a living sacrifice for all mankind irrespective of caste and creed. How much are we holding on to that faith? How much have we set our lives to the work for the Lord. Due to enthusiasm we end up saying that yes we want to work for the Lord, but how many of us actually do? Doing God's work is not easy. Going for Sunday worships and singing and reading the bible is not the only work we have. We should be the living examples of the life that was lead by Christ. I know its hard at times to cope up with the worldly stress, but there is nothing that we cannot do without trusting in God. If God has called us out for his mission we should be doing that. If he has called me out, i need not worry about my future. We serve the Father who gave light and clouds to the children of Israel when they were walking with Moses. He fed them with manna and quail. He is an everlasting and unchanging God. He goes till every extent to take care of us. Its time we return the favor by completely submitting ourselves to him. May this touch your soul and give you joy

God Bless everyone who have read the blogs. I hope whatever problems you have may go away in his name.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Why does my mind gets drifted away while I know my body is the temple of God?

When conflict arises in our minds, its literally the war between the 2 worlds,but have we sat and thought about how exactly did we reach this situation? 
Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own,this is the word of God which we need to remind ourselves constantly. If we are the children of God,how are we doing such mistakes? Have we sat down and thought how much our actions are hurting our Father. No we are so selfish in our own thoughts that we do not even bother to think about our Father's thoughts. There has been such situations in my life where I have acted way to smart in my life and landed up in travel. I thought I could manage it,but no we do not know the plans God has for us. No matter how much we move away, God will find some way or the other to bring us back to him. Have you thought that this his love for us. When Jesus shared the parable of the shepherd going and finding his lost sheep, I wondered that we being humans we have so much more importance than that of animals. But are we ever returning the favor? Forget, we are the people who do not bother to get up to thank him for keeping us alive to see another day. How many of us actually make the efforts of praying to God in the morning to thank him for the wonderful things he has done in your lives ? No most of us don't. I sometimes feel ashamed at myself thinking what kind of examples am i setting in the upcoming youth or for the non-believers. But why do such things happen?  This is because we are not strong in the spirit. God wants us everyday to sit in his presence and think about the wonderful things he has done in our lives. Who doesn't like to get a thank you from their loved ones? Be grateful for what he has done for. Stop blaming the non-believers for the things they do unless its harming them. God didn't not give us the right to question people or judge them. But unfortunately we have to do it. God tests us at times to see how much strong are we spirituallly. Like how we eat our foods for the growth of our physical body, in the same way it we need to nurture our spiritual body body by reading the bible and praying. God loves us so unconditionally yet we make things so hard for him. Be a blessing to others and tell them that God loves you irrespective of what you are.

God bless you

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Are you spending enough time with your Daddy in Heaven ?

While listening to one of the sermons in the radio about faith and false doctrines, I was thinking that do people seriously being up such a big fools that they end up believing false doctrines and follow the wrong faith. Jesus had told his disciples that many will come saying that its him but that is the time we should know that our faiths are being tested for good. Your physical strength is not the issue here. Its your mental strength that is to be questioned here. Whenever you go through my blogs its more about spending more time with God. You must be wondering, as Christians don't we spend enough time with our Heavenly father? Ritualistic bible reading and having family prayer or regularly attending the church is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the one to one conversation we need to have with our father. Why do we need the pastors to come and prophesy to us about things. Don't you think that God will not be able to tell us this? Its not that God doesn't want to tell us,its us that who do not have the time to actually sit and discuss the major life issues. Most of the youths and teens today have the pressure about being the best in everything, but the pressure takes over that's when crime sets in. Have the parents sat and talked with these kids no. Parents themselves have become so judgemental about their kids that nothing goes beyond that. Stop telling your children that they are not spiritually strong. Maybe you have not set an example by not spending time enough with your daddy in heaven. Our father has high expectations from us. He wants to do so many things for us because he loves us unconditionally, but are we returning him the favor? Sit down and think about all the good things and bad things happened in your lives. Sit and thank him for all the blessings he gave and give thanks for all the storms you faced because he you pass through all that effortlessly. It could have gone worse. But no he didnt make you go through all that.

Thank you father for your unconditional love. GOD BLESS!!!