Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Are you spending enough time with your Daddy in Heaven ?

While listening to one of the sermons in the radio about faith and false doctrines, I was thinking that do people seriously being up such a big fools that they end up believing false doctrines and follow the wrong faith. Jesus had told his disciples that many will come saying that its him but that is the time we should know that our faiths are being tested for good. Your physical strength is not the issue here. Its your mental strength that is to be questioned here. Whenever you go through my blogs its more about spending more time with God. You must be wondering, as Christians don't we spend enough time with our Heavenly father? Ritualistic bible reading and having family prayer or regularly attending the church is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the one to one conversation we need to have with our father. Why do we need the pastors to come and prophesy to us about things. Don't you think that God will not be able to tell us this? Its not that God doesn't want to tell us,its us that who do not have the time to actually sit and discuss the major life issues. Most of the youths and teens today have the pressure about being the best in everything, but the pressure takes over that's when crime sets in. Have the parents sat and talked with these kids no. Parents themselves have become so judgemental about their kids that nothing goes beyond that. Stop telling your children that they are not spiritually strong. Maybe you have not set an example by not spending time enough with your daddy in heaven. Our father has high expectations from us. He wants to do so many things for us because he loves us unconditionally, but are we returning him the favor? Sit down and think about all the good things and bad things happened in your lives. Sit and thank him for all the blessings he gave and give thanks for all the storms you faced because he you pass through all that effortlessly. It could have gone worse. But no he didnt make you go through all that.

Thank you father for your unconditional love. GOD BLESS!!!
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