Friday, June 3, 2016

Why does my mind gets drifted away while I know my body is the temple of God?

When conflict arises in our minds, its literally the war between the 2 worlds,but have we sat and thought about how exactly did we reach this situation? 
Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own,this is the word of God which we need to remind ourselves constantly. If we are the children of God,how are we doing such mistakes? Have we sat down and thought how much our actions are hurting our Father. No we are so selfish in our own thoughts that we do not even bother to think about our Father's thoughts. There has been such situations in my life where I have acted way to smart in my life and landed up in travel. I thought I could manage it,but no we do not know the plans God has for us. No matter how much we move away, God will find some way or the other to bring us back to him. Have you thought that this his love for us. When Jesus shared the parable of the shepherd going and finding his lost sheep, I wondered that we being humans we have so much more importance than that of animals. But are we ever returning the favor? Forget, we are the people who do not bother to get up to thank him for keeping us alive to see another day. How many of us actually make the efforts of praying to God in the morning to thank him for the wonderful things he has done in your lives ? No most of us don't. I sometimes feel ashamed at myself thinking what kind of examples am i setting in the upcoming youth or for the non-believers. But why do such things happen?  This is because we are not strong in the spirit. God wants us everyday to sit in his presence and think about the wonderful things he has done in our lives. Who doesn't like to get a thank you from their loved ones? Be grateful for what he has done for. Stop blaming the non-believers for the things they do unless its harming them. God didn't not give us the right to question people or judge them. But unfortunately we have to do it. God tests us at times to see how much strong are we spirituallly. Like how we eat our foods for the growth of our physical body, in the same way it we need to nurture our spiritual body body by reading the bible and praying. God loves us so unconditionally yet we make things so hard for him. Be a blessing to others and tell them that God loves you irrespective of what you are.

God bless you
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