Wednesday, March 9, 2016

my spiritual hunger is diminishing..

Do like to have your breakfast heavy or light ?

Everybody likes to know our way of eating whether thin or fat. But why don't anybody asks do you pray everyday or read the word of God for the spiritual strength? Nobody in this era wants to know how connected your are to your creator but everybody wants to know how many followers you have on Instagram. 

When we go through each and every chapter of the bible we see strong and bold characters who were hungry for the Holy Spirit and their connection with their father was way beyond imagination. Why haven't we reached their yet ? Why do we think we cant do any of the extraordinary events of the bible in today's world. All this is because our lives have lost its purpose. We have become too materialistic in this world of ours. We are so obsessed with the virtual world that we tend to forget our day to day purpose of our living. All this happens when we start ignoring the holy spirit and the word of our Father 

Its not too late to start refreshing ourselves and going back to the word, its the only hope and encouragement God gave us to give to the world. The purpose of us having this faith is to let the world know that there are things beyond what we see