Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Are we being a good example as believers?

When we read the bible, we see that the word of God says to us to reach out to the world and tell the people around about the goodness of our Father. The love he showed us by sacrificing his only son so that our sins may wash away. Yesterday when I was talking to one of my colleague along with my husband,we realized that as Christians we at times set a really bad impression about ourselves. Pastors at times criticize the non-believers so much about the faith they follow and all the rituals they do. But do these men of God realize that they themselves don't come out as a good leader or a friend. God never asked us to judge people. He looks at our hearts and if our hearts are good, we have already placed ourselves in our heavenly Father's heart. We have no right to tell others that just because they don't follow the faith we follow they will end up in hell. Have we ever realized that at times the reason of people not being a christian or believer because we have never shown them the love or concern that should be present for the other children of God. The bible has men who had given up all their comforts and took the cross to follow the Christ, But how many do we see around us, who actually has done a lot of hard work to achieve the love he deserves. God didn't ask to judge who is big or small but to love each other as he loved us. He loves us irrespective of what we are, where we come from or what our past is. He is a loving father, he wants us to tell people around that money, wealth and all the goodness in the world is temporary. Its our character and willingness to do good for others matters.

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