Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Have you thanked your Heavenly Father today?

What is the first thing we do when we get up from our sleep ?? I am sure its either stretching or checking messages on whatsapp or any of the social media. But do we thank God that he has able us to see another wonderful day ? When we see around we see so many people are losing their lives to so many circumstances…when i say losing lives i not only mean death but also being lost in the darkness of this secular world. When we are being so careful with so many secular things in our lives then why are we being careless about our spiritual lives? Why do we believers wait for a prophesy to be enthusiastic in our spiritual lives? Why can’t we be more open about our spirituality and be an encouraging example to the people around us. Why are we the special children of God? Why our lives are so special? What seperates us from our friends and collegues? It is the fact that we are the favourites of our Father. The word says that Once we have accepted christ as our personal saviour we are a new creation. Isn’t that something we should be grateful about.

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