Thursday, June 9, 2016

Are you motivating your fellow Christians?

Last Sunday when I was at church and my husband was preaching, through the passage I was wondering that all these years of being a Christian or '' born again'' how useful have I been to my fellow Christians or the ones who came to Christ newly ? How strong is my faith to my God that I can set a good example to others? My church consists of people who come from the remote areas of Bihar. They are mostly from the Hindu background,these people travel all the way from 35 kms in Bihar and come to attend the Sunday service. This made me feel completely ashamed of myself. How can I be so arrogant and ignorant about my own faith. I was wondering that do I have such dedication towards God. At times I am so tired that I chuck reading bible and praying and go to sleep. Life has become so stressful that we cannot think beyond certain point. When Jesus was doing ministry, he took fasting for 40 days, he was tired and hungry and that is the time when Satan tested him showing all the riches of the world. So we being humans don't you think that Satan doesn't test us ? He does, why do you think that we feel exhausted and tired ? That is what he does, all he wants is us to be away from the presence of God. We have to be strong in our faith and our commitment to God. God wants us to be focused in our mission. The book of Revelations states about the future of our faith in the coming days. We need to be motivated and motivate each other because God loves us the way we love each other. Keep you prayers and worship strong enough that no hardships enter our minds. The people who came to my church are from low socio economic status and most of them do not even know how to read the bible as they are not educated. These are the people who needs to be motivated more and more. They have to be encouraged to be strong in their faith and encourage others around them

 May God help us to reach out to more and bless each one of you who ever is looking through theses blogs . May the blogs be a blessing in your lives.
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