Monday, May 23, 2016

I am influenced by the people I hear see and observe

I have always been a keen observer of the things I see or hear. I used to wonder that why people are presenting themselves in a certain way. Sometimes I would get so amused by the talks I used to hear in the bus or by the actions I see around me. I used to wonder do everybody observe like I do. I am an only child and I used to think that would my life would be different if I had siblings. As years have passed by, I realized that it doesn't really matter whether you have siblings or you are the only one. Your sense of perception is your choice. We hear so many things around us,but do we keep everything in mind ,no but there are always those certain things in it which has striking feature which lets us remember it in a certain way. If I am new to any place I observe the shops or the main landmarks so that I do not get lost. If I want to remember someone I used to remember their striking feature in them. Sometimes it would be their physical features or their way of talking or maybe their dressing style. Everybody around us has a distinct personality and somewhere or the other it affects people around them. I used to wonder that do people remember me ? I usually get compared by the relatives they have or by my accent, some say that my way of speaking has a ''foreign touch to it'' I say its the convent schooling cliche or watching way too much English movies. But I guess that is also a factor for people to remember me. But penning down those emotions is a big thing. At times its easy to remember the things we see or hear but hard to pen it down. Over the years my life has been influenced drastically by the people I have seen. Some of them had such wonderful qualities, I can only wish if I had one of their qualities. The enthusiasm about the way they see life and its problems only made me emotionally stronger and someday I wish to influence too
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