Sunday, May 22, 2016

Do I keep God happy? Or his expectations are simply way more than we can handle ?

Today when my husband was preaching during the Sunday worship,his words simply touched me today, one of the things which he said really touched my heart. He was saying that when God starts giving us things,we love that and start expecting more and more from him, he fulfills all the promises he made to us,but are we keeping God happy ? It touched my heart because I honestly rant every single thing in my life to God, but sometimes we tend to forget that certain things happened in our lives could have been worse,but it just happened in a certain way and we moved on from it. The word of the Lord gives us various examples of the wonderful things he has done in his children's lives. And their faith in him kept on increasing, But in today's world we are so busy updating our minute by minute details on social media that we sometime forget our time with God. When was the last time you sat in his presence and heard him speak to you? When was the last time a bible verse touched your heart and made you sit and think about it? When was the last time you said a testimony in church or to a non-believer about the wonderful things he has done in your lives? We have become so mechanical in our lifestyle that the number of likes we get or the comments or the followers have become our ultimate goal in our lives. Its good to switch off your phones for few hours and sit in his presence. Its good to deactivate your accounts for some days and read his verse. All these are not gonna bring miracles or answers to your problem, but creator will. Instead of making ourselves happy, its high time we thought about making our Heavenly father happy

God bless
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