Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why am I not very committed to God?

Before marriage every christian girl or guy is committed to our heavenly father. But why isn't it continued in the long run? when we get married we decide to be with each other in sickness and health and what not. But when we decided to accept the Christ as  our personal Saviour why don't we keep up to our promises? Is it because we know that God loves us unconditionally so we decide to take him for granted? I plan everyday to read my bible and pray,but somewhere in the midst of all the stress and work I forget to keep up with my promise. And during any severe crisi in life i run around crying and asking for prayer? Why don't i think that my actions are actually making my father sad. We may be able to hide our feelings and frustrations from the people we know,but actually we are just fooling ourselves because our father knows our heart. Sometimes we just need that word of encouragement from people around us to keep us happy,but know people love to make you feel small and unwanted because we live in the era of competition,so all this is bound to happen. But on the brighter side we realise our mistake and try to rectify it.God has bought us into this world to fulfill the work he has given to us. No matter which all ways we try to go away,he will always bring us back to him.Take a minute and ponder on the good things that has happened to you till date and thank him for all that. And after that ponder on the bad thingsthat has happened with you and be more thankful for that because you went through all that you know the hardships of life and will be able to empathise with someone and be a assurance and a blessing in their lives

God bless!!
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