Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sometimes we might not see our mistakes that we are doing in our spiritual life

Laziness can come into anybody's life, but sometimes we don't realize that it can extend till our daily spiritual lives too. We may think that we are praying everyday and reading the bible but then when there is no passion, when its more of the daily scheduled thing which you are used to do, like having medicine. We do forget that prayer is not a daily chore, its the quality time we need to spend with our heavenly father. We may not forget to do the earthly daily chores, but what about the spiritual time we need to invest for the betterment of the future, We are so busy in developing things for our lives in earth that we are not storing the riches in heaven. Our daily problem have taken over our minds that in our prayer time also we see that. Nobody in this world is happy with the things we have in our lives, we always want more than we can have. When was the last time we were actually happy about things in our lives When was the last time have you appreciated for all the goodness you have. We may not see all the goodness around  us, but its really important to thank our Father for what we have. Have you sat and thought the ways you are doing the mistakes in your lives? You might not be physically doing anything wrong, but in our minds we might be doing so many wrong things that we may not even realise it, be it anger, jealousy, loathing, greed, envy to name a few. I would not blame you though because we all have been there done that. Stop judging each other and give a shoulder to be comforted. We can all use a friend. Be that friend who can give you a company for your prayer. Be a prayer warrior and support each other. Stop pointing out the mistakes of others. Sit in his presence with fasting and prayer and ask him to talk to you, he will give your ears. You don't need someone else coming and telling you what God is trying to tell you. Spend your time to know here you have gone wrong and ask for forgiveness. Its a hard thing but he loves us more than anything in the world. Do not lose out the oppurtunity he is giving you, it might be too late then. We are a family and we need to support each other

God Bless You
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