Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sit in his holy presence and ask him, he will talk to you

Even though I have been born and raised in a Pentecostal family, I took time to know the Lord. Every time I was in deep shit he pulled me out and I have never thanked him enough of his love. My life has been tested in so many ways from childhood till now and sometimes I am so busy looking at the result that I don't think I have sat back to think where I was and how God helped me out. I feel so selfish at times because I only think of him when I am in trouble, I am too busy doing my worldly things. Today as I sit and pray and poured out my heart in tongues, he showed me what plans he has for me and my family. He showed me my kid my husband a congregation and how our lives are going to be a blessing to others. We plan our lives as per our convinience but God has bigger and better plans, here I am praying to God everyday for my admission in masters so that I can move to USA and do something good for the family but I am also worried about my finances, but I believe if its the will of God I will get it and in the right time he will provide me the finances I need. The word of encouragement he gave made me happy making me realise that you don't need someone else to tell you what God has planned for you. You just need to sit in his presence and ask him that what he wants us to be, he will show you, he will guide you. I was listening to the praise and worship songs in the youtube and this song came up which has the words that he is our strength, our shield and our deliverer. He is that, without the bible where would be all be. We have the best words of encouragement with us and at times we are so buy looking in our smartphone that we ignore it completely. When was the last time you actually sat in the presence of the Lord and a private time with him, poured out your heart cried out saying what you feel, why everything is so messed up. If you haven't then today do it, it will bring a change in your life. You will be more proud of yourselves. What is more joyful than having a wonderful time with your Heavenly Dad, who constantly has your back no matter what. Be encouraged with word and may this be change you needed

God bless you 
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