Saturday, August 27, 2016

I emotionally broke down and poured my heart out and he answered me

Being a married woman and a working wife is not easy, we may consider that everything is going so well in our lives that we forget that no matter how much you consider yourself as a true christian Satan does knows when to get on your nerves. I thought I could handle it but seeing the small problems happening in my married life made me worried because someone had prophecised that I may start having some issues in my marriage which may lead to do divorce, I did not take it seriously. I thought what could go wrong. Slowly slowly my husband who is a pastor started losing interest in his prayers, household responsibility and this slowly started pissing me off. As a wife I used to think a man should lead the family but I was wrong, I could see how small details started making me worry. I really love my guy and I know God has big plans for him. But if we do not ask God to be a part of our daily lives he will be hurt, during this emotional turmoil, I remembered one of the preachings of one of the guest pastors at our church saying that our heavenly father is someone who wants to be part of our daily lives. He wants to know what we are feeling. Its only selfish that we keep asking him and not give him back. He wants to know each and every details of our lives because he looks out for us and loves us unconditionally. And what we do in return take this love for granted. Today I broke down and poured my heart saying that I can't handle all this and am really sorry for not being a good daughter. I cried my heart out saying that I miss talking talking to my father who is in heaven, I was desperate to talk to him, hear his word because his word would give me the assurance that he is there, he has not left me abandoned, that assurance is all we need, while I was praying he gave me the words from Psalms 37:7-9 which encouraged me so well because it was all about the patience and hope I was asking for. Our God works in our lives in the miraculous ways and we need to thank him for every small work he does in our lives

God bless you
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