Saturday, August 13, 2016

Your prayer should be your comfort

There has been so many times I have forgotten to pray or spend a quality time with God. This ended up effecting me spiritually and emotionally. I was thinking I never forget to talk to my parents in laws husband even long lost friends, but why am I not talking to God. The bible states that our father is a loving yet a possessive father, he is possessive in a way where he seeks out attention of our love our time, can't we give him that, this is not the kind of love he deserves, sometimes we do things where we become unworthy of the love he has for us. Yet in so many ways he forgives us, there has been ways that I have kept hurting him. I end up questioning him up so much for all the the bad things happening in my life, I forget that its happening so that I can get connected back to him, I forget that he has bigger plans. I always keep on asking him that I want this, I want that but am I giving him back anything. While writing this my mind wanders away to the thoughts of how my father has been a wonderful guide and a comforter, he has been with me, he healed me when I was completely broken, he pulled me out of the dungeons of darkness and set me free, he comforted me when satan had put suicidal thoughts and tore me apart, and this is how I return his love for me. What kind of child have I become that my father is being hurt because of my atrocious behaviour, he doesn't deserve all this, he deserves way more better things. I am happy he has kept me safe and sound in the midst of all the troubles. I thank him for letting me see a new morning and giving me the physical strength to work. This is the kind of love and respect he deserves

God bless you
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