Saturday, September 3, 2016

A personal prayer to comfort my heart and thank him

Our heavenly gracious Father, Thank you for enabling me to see a wonderful new morning. Thank for helping me sleep peacefully. Thank you Lord for all the wonders you have done for me. Thank you for the wonderful family you gave me, and keeping them safe and sound in your presence. Thank you for the wonderful partner you have given me, bless him and keep him strengthened in your presence, thank you for helping me grow in your presence with him, Thank you for my wonderful in laws, they are blessing in my life. Keep them in good health. Thank you for my wonderful friends and relatives, bless them abundantly, heal them if any of them are in sickness, strengthen them mightily. Lord thank you for the congregation I go to, Bless the pastor and his family. Bless his ministry and all the members of the church, Let the word he speaks touch our souls that we may ponder in his word. Thank you for providing me the shelter and food for everyday. You know my needs more than I know myself. You know my heart, father we may plan our lives but Father you determine our steps. You have been there for me even when I moved away from you presence. The worldly joy had blinded me in its beauty and entangled me in various sins, I thought I went way far to come back to you, but Father you never gave up on me. And that is what that keeps me going because of your faith in me, I know I haven't been the best child to you, have hurt you so many times that I can count for, Yet you never stopped loving me. You gave me joy and assurance that you have my back. You pushed back my enemies when they tried to pull me down and drag me along with them. In times of trouble only I thought of you, otherwise I have been way to busy with my life. Thank you father for keeping up with me. Thank you for the wonderful oppurtunities you have brought in my life and I cannot stop praising your name
Once again I submit everything in your presence and In your sweet loving name

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