Friday, September 9, 2016

Stop letting down others when you have not figured out yourself

I have always thought that kids who have been raised in a christian household have strong value for their faith, little did I know it was the mask which was covering up or their hypocrite nature or the type of nature which normally people would not like to possess

I was born and raised in a Pentecostal household, which does not mean I was born all spiritual and already knew the lord, I would regularly go to the church attend Sunday school, and all that, I studied in a school which  was run by Catholic nuns and most of my friends were non believers, but we had a good life, both my Besties are Hindus and it doesn't mean we do not have our difference of opinions, but we are very transparent about it with each other, I was very influenced with friends from my school and always loved the company as I was the only child and my parents were both working, we were not very financially stable but God helped us and provided us,during my growing years I came to know the Lord and his love, there had been marry tragedies in life but he kept me calm, there has been times that I have burst open my heart out to him and cried, I have always been a very observant person and the various incidents in life has made me very calm and empathetic to others, I had raging anger towards things that happened in my life and always kept blaming my parents for it, now when I see it I feel that I had to go through all that so that I can be helping hand to others

In my college I left my home and went to a new city, where I met people from my community and that is how I met many other Pentecostal youth, I thought they are very nice and spiritual, does praise and worship, but all that was just a cover , because some of them were so judgemental and hypocrite about things that it really hurt me, my ex bf was one of them and slowly slowly I moved away because it made me feel that I rather be along than be with people who were so fake in front of others,

I thought all that was all momentary but in my new workplace I met this person who in spite being the child of missionaries have such a bleak spiritual soul, she shows of that she is a spiritual person putting down others at work. She butters up to neck so that she is in a good image in front of her colleagues

All these made me think is that who are we to be like that, am I that perfect that I can put down others. Did Jesus tell us to share his good news only with ones with a status ? No he came for all rich and poor, old and child , sick and the needy, we are all his children, so are we suppose to put others down in this way? No right ? My heart really aches when I see people doing such acts, there are many people I want to know the real God and have faith in him, such acts just shrugs them away, they go back into their shell of darkness. This is just the example of the things I see around me, I am sure when you read this you can relate to such incidents to, all we can do is join in prayer for our loved ones to be save so that one day they are with us glorifying the Father

Please do write to me your prayer requests so that we can pray for each other and be a blessing to one another through the virtual world 

God Bless

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