Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thank you Father, your love endures forever

Every morning I get up and the first thing I do impulsively is see the time and then procrastinate for few minutes,if I was in your place I would too think that what in the world is she talking about. Well as I wake up I remember my family my husband , my in laws, my friends and thank my heavenly Father for keeping each one safe and sound. If I do not thank him then whom shall I thank then? If you turn the newspapers, if you switch on the televisions, all we can see is people being killed, raped, kidnapped, countries at wars, women and children dying and what not and here we are under a wonderful shelter, with food to eat minimum 3 times and clothes more than enough to wear and doesn't this makes you think that you are privileged enough to be alive and safe. How many times do we need God to show us his miracles to keep us assured that he is there for us, isn't the small and minute things enough for us to appreciate him? His love is there in our souls and that keeps us from going from one phase of our lives to another. How many times should we need to test God to see his love for us. God has blessed us abundantly so many times that we cannot thank him enough. You go to different places and put your prayer request but fail to appreciate and thank him once he has answered it. Isn't that selfishness on our behalf ? It is, if you haven't had the time to thank him. Sit down and thank him for the love and blessings he bestowed upon us because no one else would do the things he has done for us, he died for us, left alone to suffer, he took all our sins and tolerated all the pain of our sins. Our love for each other is not even the half of what he has for us. Thank him for each and every moment of your life


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