Tuesday, September 20, 2016

As the years are passing on, has the meaning of love diminished?

For me when I hear the word love, it brings a smile to my face, because my love is my husband,even though it was an arranged marriage I believe God brought us together, because for us Christians marriage is a big step and we make sure we do not anything to cross that path. But isn't that with all the religions and cultures around us, does any of the religions teach us to cheat on our spouses or emotionally take them for granted or disrespect the communion which was brought,no then why are we experiencing such things around us

I have always had guy friends around me as growing up, and being a tomboy you do not take their feelings seriously, before I got married a harmless flirting would not really make me feel bad, but now I feel things have changed, when God has given me a wonderful partner what makes others think that it is ok for us to cheat, what am I going to lose if I lust about someone or want to kiss other than my partner,what kind of image am I showing  to others. Is it the desperateness of the hour that would make me take such a step or the physical attraction which pulled me towards the other person

Where is thy respect which you had decided to follow when you said your vows to each other, where is that promise that you were suppose to keep for each other. Were all that meaningless when you said that holding each other's hands and saying this. I am writing this not only for the married ones but also for the ones who are single and think it is ok to hit on the married ones because they are the vulnerable ones?, have you thought that when you have  a partner and they go through that,how would you feel about that. God gave us the biggest example of love by sending his Son on the cross for our sins and how do we repay him? We can never repay him with our lives being at stake, it's time to know your boundaries and make sure you do not cross it neither support anyone crossing it.
Pray for the lost souls so that a change comes in their hearts and they may glorify our Father

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